Cooking Demos

Got some down-home-cooking that needs to be done?

Well, OPENFIRE has you covered!

Check out the video and watch mouth watering Steak and Potatoes come to life!

Pizza on an OPENFIRE?

Yep! We've got you covered with the OPENFIRE Dutch Oven attachment.

The pizza is allowed to cook with indirect heat radiating from the coals. Creates a perfect crust, and perfectly melted cheese!

Remember the good ol' days of a seafood or fish bake?

Now, not only do you get the same outcome without the big boiling pot, but with the OPENFIRE you get just a little more.

The essence of the fire and smoke infuses the fish giving it that flavor we crave from barbecue.

OPENFIRE Sautéed Shrimp that you could die for! 

No words needed... just watch the video.